A True Reflection of Overnight Credit-Sensitive Borrowing Costs

Derived from the transactions on the AFX Marketplace, AMERIBOR is a benchmark interest rate that empowers banks and financial institutions and is a plug-and-play replacement for LIBOR.


Based entirely on actual unsecured lending transactions on the AFX Marketplace, AMERIBOR offers a transparent, credit-sensitive rate reflective of current market conditions. AMERIBOR’s basis in unsecured lending and borrowing enables optimal loan origination, asset-liability management and more. 

AMERIBOR serves as the financial benchmark from which a wide range of products can be created. Our partnership with Cboe enables risk management through the execution of listed futures contracts.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The American economy is based on choice. Each one of our nation’s financial institutions must account for its own unique local conditions and banking dynamics. The need for a credit-sensitive financial benchmark that reflects true overnight borrowing costs and responds to real market factors is critical for ongoing economic growth.

AFX believes that all lending institutions should be free to choose a financial benchmark that best reflects their funding needs and constituents. AMERIBOR provides that choice.

December 12, 2023

Moving the Market Forward

The US capital markets are home to numerous banks and financial institutions, many of which are natural candidates to benefit from AMERIBOR’s observability and credit-sensitivity.

Loan Originators

Understand the latest, most relevant dynamics in the overnight unsecured lending market

Capital Markets Groups

Use AMERIBOR as a benchmark for issuing and buying debt to ensure returns are tied to a credit-sensitive rate during times of market stress

Banks, Credit Unions and Swap Dealers

Manage exposure and optimize balance sheets in the interest rate swaps market

Derivative Advisors

Trade a wide variety of AMERIBOR-powered swaps and futures to guard against risk and generate returns

Widespread Recognition

Hear what our clients have to say.

Overviews, Disclosures and Methodologies

Knowledge is power. Your understanding of how AMERIBOR is calculated starts below. Morningstar Indexes provides independent secondary calculations for the AMERIBOR Term-30 and Term-90 Indexes.

Unique Investment Opportunities

From innovative swaps to futures contracts available on Cboe Futures Exchange, LLC, there are a wide range of ways to leverage AMERIBOR for your investing success.

Choose a Credit-Sensitive Rate

Whether you’re a bank, an issuer, an advisor or any other capital market participant, you stand to benefit from a true reflection of the overnight lending and borrowing market. Take the next step.