Innovating the Interbank Loan Market

Our self-regulated electronic venue provides banks and financial institutions an intuitive marketplace for overnight, unsecured lending and borrowing – and powers AMERIBOR, our credit-sensitive benchmark interest rate.

Transparency. Usability. Stability.

AFX enables efficient and economical experiences in the overnight market. The benefits run across virtually every facet of the lending and borrowing process.

Ease of Use

We offer rapid onboarding, an intuitive user experience and the ability to transact directly with specific market participants that align with any credit, size or geography preference

Transparent and Attractive Rates

The transparent price discovery revealed by our marketplace enables lenders and borrowers to source liquidity at market rates

Safety and Scalability

Built on Cboe Global Markets’ world-class technology infrastructure, we ensure scalability and stability as well as robust market surveillance, cybersecurity and disaster recovery capabilities

How It Works

The AFX Marketplace facilitates electronic trade matching and two-way liquidity combined with robust security and compliance.

AFX By the Numbers

$2 Billion

Average daily volumes (ADV) involving a distinct and diverse set of participants

Over $2 Trillion

In loans transacted since inception

Over 1,800

New credit lines across the US of approximately $67 billion in total

Where Business Gets Done

AFX is home to over 250 members operating in all 50 US states plus the territory of Puerto Rico. Factor in their correspondent bank members and a total of nearly 1,500 banks transact on our platform.

Many of these participants are the community and regional banks that power the American economy through their diversified lending portfolios. Providing these institutions with a robust marketplace for lending and borrowing creates a true cost of funds in AMERIBOR – intelligence these institutions require for managing their risk and profitability.

Ease of Experience: Our Tutorial

Greater efficiency in overnight lending and borrowing is within your reach. Our tutorial demonstrates just how easy it is to get started.

Rules, Disclosures and More

Key things to know about how, when and why we operate our marketplace

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With transparent rates, modern technology and institutional-grade stability, our marketplace is the optimal platform for overnight, unsecured lending and borrowing. Take the next step.