Post-Libor Transition, There Remain Refinements to Be Made and Risks to Be Aware of

In a report last November, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee declared success as it closed the book on supplanting the Libor benchmark in the U.S. with the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR). But it did not say that all work is complete. ARRC’s website remained open though deactivated, as the committee said that its closing report highlighted “key […]

Exchange Notification – December 21, 2023

December 21, 2023 Dear Members: As you know, AFX reserves the right to change our benchmarks from time to time at our discretion. As a result of our new leadership’s ongoing review of our Benchmarks and in response to changing market factors, management has decided to discontinue the following set of credit sensitive rate data […]

2024 Outlook & Considerations for Banking

AFX Advisor Robert Albertson offers his perspective on what lies ahead for the banking sector in 2024. A Weakening Economy Economic consensus had only recently centered on a “soft landing” with no recession and Fed rate cuts as soon as 2024. Both are premature conclusions in my view. Some are now suggesting a recession has […]

AFX Marketplace Announces Extended Trading Hours

We are pleased to announce that as of September 11, 2023, the AFX Marketplace will extend its trading hours to run from 6 am CT to 5 pm CT. The additional hour is intended to better serve Marketplace participants from coast to coast by enhancing liquidity and providing more opportunity within the market. Since our founding, […]