September 18, 2023

John Shay Shoulders AFX Role With Optimism and Purpose

AFX CEO John Shay recently spoke with John Lothian from John Lothian News ( in the following video interview:

John Shay, the CEO of the American Financial Exchange, took on the role after 7RIDGE bought the exchange from AFX Founder and former CEO Dr. Richard Sandor and the other AFX investors. He was interviewed over Zoom by John Lothian News about AFX and his views on the role of Ameribor.

JLN asked him about how he found his way to the role of CEO and where he thinks Ameribor fits in a world where SOFR has emerged as the dominant replacement for Libor.

Shay addressed the issue of the IOSCO report from July 3 that spoke negatively about Ameribor and non-SOFR Libor alternatives.

He also talked about some of the additional credit products that AFX could offer in the future.

JLN also asked him his thoughts on the changes in Canada with the imminent introduction of Term CORRA futures.

Lastly, we asked him what the biggest challenge was that he faced personally in the new role.