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Interbank Lending. Credit-Sensitive Rates.

Delivering to the marketplace an observable, credit-sensitive AMERIBOR benchmark rate that reflect the actual overnight borrowing costs of America’s banks and financial institutions.

The AFX Marketplace: The Home for Overnight, Unsecured Interbank Lending and Borrowing

AFX provides over 250 financial institutions with an easy-to-use, safe and scalable platform for overnight, unsecured lending and borrowing. The AFX Marketplace provides price discovery, with our full depth of book available to members so they can source liquidity at market rates.

AMERIBOR: The Leading Credit-Sensitive Benchmark Interest Rate

Transactions on the AFX Marketplace power AMERIBOR, a rate that is a true reflection of the overnight credit-sensitive borrowing costs of America’s banks and financial institutions and a plug-and-play replacement for LIBOR.

A Rate for Main Street, Not Wall Street

Credit sensitivity is a critical risk management factor for banks and financial institutions across the US. AFX provides capital market participants with a credit-sensitive rate that complements the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR).

Informing the Market

Announcements, interviews and perspectives on interbank lending and borrowing, the overnight market and our work to shine a light on it.

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Seeking a credit component to your primary financial market index? AFX delivers an efficient lending and borrowing marketplace and the AMERIBOR benchmark rate, which is a true reflection of the overnight unsecured lending market.